Reserve Your Tickets for 2021

Here is some information we think will be helpful:

  • To reserve your tickets and time slot, please enter your information below.
  • We need your email address in order to send you your e-ticket and the information you'll need to know. Your privacy is important to us and we will protect your information.
  • Because groups tour at different speeds, your reservation times are approximate—not exact. It does shorten your wait and guarantee your spot.
  • To accommodate parking, ticket pickup, and other needs, please plan to arrive 25 minutes before your reservation time.
  • Tickets are required for everyone over 2. Please reserve the correct amount for your group.
  • Only 6 tickets can be reserved per time slot.
  • If a time slot is full, it will not show up on the list and you will not be able to reserve tickets for that specific time. We hope you'll be able to find a different time that will work for you.

All tickets are currently reserved. Please try again next year.