Behind The Scenes

If you were to take a peek behind the scenes of Journey to Bethlehem you would see New Market Seventh-day Adventist church members from all walks of life using their gifts in order that they might share the story of Jesus each holiday season.

It all started in 2011 with a belief in the power of the story of Jesus and the desire to share that story with others. Over 500 volunteers from the church united their gifts to create what is now affectionately known as “J2B.” Many put their skills to use to build the Bethlehem village complete with a marketplace, blacksmith shop, synagogue, school of the rabbis, apothecary, carpenter shop, bakery, and of course an inn and a stable. Others sewed costumes while still others wrote the script, cooked food, composed music, created original pottery, assembled props, learned lines, coached the acting, studied first-century history, planned, organized, advertised, prayed, prayed, and prayed more!

All the work for Journey to Bethlehem has been done on a volunteer basis by people who made space in their already full schedules in order to share Jesus. That first year they hoped to host 700 guests. They were happily surprised by more than twice that many.

This year we look forward to again journeying to Bethlehem with you! The set, script, and process have gone through some changes in order to add interest, increase impact, and streamline production. Again we are awed and humbled as we witness God’s hand at work, enabling, empowering, and inspiring us. We hope you will join us on this Journey, December 1-5, 2022

Here are just a few behind the scenes images: